Alcohol Nutrition Facts
Providing Inexpensive Nutrition Facts Templates for Beer, Wine, and Spirits

Recent press has reported the impending requirements for a nutrition label to be included on all beer, wine, and spirits. These labels will be analogous to the Nutrition Facts Labels you see on cereal, cake mixes, candy, pasta, snacks, and just about every food item you purchase at the grocery store.

To simplify the process of developing these labels, especially for smaller companies that can't afford pricy graphics work, our easy-to-use web application allows you to create an Adobe PDF version of either a Serving Facts Label or an Alcohol Facts Label quickly and immediately. Both labels are based on the FDA's specifications for food and non-alcoholic beverages, as outlined in their Food Labeling Guide with respect to font sizes and line spacing.

Prices start at only $18.95. Make the labels quickly and easily. Save them on your hard drive and use them over and over again.

The label-making software is available at our sister site, Nutrition Facts Maker. Here you can make your beer, wine, and spirits labels, along with a wide variety of U.S. and Canadian nutrition facts labels, as well as USDA Seals, all for one low price!

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